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Nano CBD Expsoria Therapeutic Gel

Nano CBD Expsoria Therapeutic Gel


Get relief from dryness, peeling or redness of the skin due to eczema and psoriasis with Expsoria. A topical cream rich with botanical extracts and Nano-CBD. Apply moisturizing cream for deep penetration and fast absorption into the dermal layers.

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NANO CBD liposome molecules for absorption in the dermal skin layers and THC free.

Ingredients: Nano CBD, St Johns Wort, White Willow Bark, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Chaulmoogra, Sunflower, Neem, Sea Buckthorn Oils, Shea Butter, Ultra Pure Gel, Nature Pulse, Optiphen, Lavender, Water and Tea Tree Oils. 

Size 15ml, 150mg

Expsoria Therapeutic Gel, a topical cream rich with all natural botanical extracts and nano-hemp CBD isolate.  This moisturizing cream allows for deep penetration into the dermal layers to help dryness, peeling, itching or redness of the skin.  May help with Eczema, Psoriasis or other skin inflammations.  Contains 150mg CBD per 0.5oz (15ml). 

We have a therapeutic gel to keep at home and a travel size for on-the-go.




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